So sitting here today thinking “I need to update the blog” but what to put up, we have had several great weddings, some fantastic headshot sessions, a couple of very cool family meetings. So as i searched for inspiration i kept coming back to a day that was supposed to be in a Junk Yard in Southern Maryland and by circumstance turned into a studio session instead. These things happen and when they do sometimes its just magic for all involved. The work was for Casandra Marie who loves to style and is so fantastic with her eye and touch. Casandra owns and operates “Speak Vintage” clothing boutique where she inspires with “Recycled Glamour”. Visit the online store @

The weather gets crappy and we all just agree to pile into 203A Photography Studio in downtown DC NW. Her model is the fabulous Mariana Bornstein, an old soul who just carries herself with a passion for building great images that represent a time long ago.

Makeup with Ivory Perkins and a real team effort on hair with a little Mariana a little Ivory and a little Casandra. True collaboration. Lunch from Pot Bellies and Naiffer assisting on some light modifiers. A good day all around! It is certainly one of those #BigGumboLove days and the final images just stick in your head.

As always we choot em with @PhaseOne IQ280 and @Profoto Lighting and a touch of the new B1 air remote, standing on a Hurley Board by the fabulous @PeterHurley, all images processed in CaptureOne.

So all that said, take a look below and tell us what you think.

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