Ariella & Elway

What a blessing to blog about a fabulous family and the wedding events of the special day they created. Many know Ariella for her extreme talent and hard work behind the cameras working to style for many creatives between New York, DC and the West Coast. A hard working perfectionist that will never disappoint a fashion shoot or event team. Elway a gentle athlete who is on a new career in the Coast Guard! Great families and great things in the future for these folks, thanks for sharing with us. #BigGumboLove always!

Open Studio @ 52 O Street 

So its the second day of Open Studio at 52 O street, big turn out yesterday with folks rambling all over the building handling a little wine and enjoying all the work by so many talented and creative people. The building is alive, come by today and check it out.

We captured folks headshots as they looked around our spaces and studied our photography and equipment! The best little technical studios in the DMV area are right here in 202/3 on the second floor of the building. Thanks to Kino Flo, Profoto, Phase One and NPS Nikon and Canon for all the support and work. #BigGumboLove y’all…

PS Happy Mothers Day!

Passion of all things Spring

Every year the seasons come and go, but there is simply just something special about spring. People moving around, pets all over out and about. Weddings and life event plans are always in the making and what a pleasure it is each Spring to be able to capture in those little bitty digital pixel thingys all the events that make life special. Thought we would share a few recent ones with you folks! Brenda and I are always excited to be a part of these special moments in time! Paul and Erica will marry this summer, Arti & Ray will have a baby boy, and the niece just dances a traditional indian dance in celebration of that. Keep em Coming and Big Gumbo Love Y’all!

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