52 O Street Artist

Spent some time capturing images this past weekend of the artist that reside and work in our studio building. Just in awe of these folks and what they do with the god given creativity they have. Take a look at the images and come by the open studio at 52 O street NW on May 10th, meet them and see for yourself.

Cianne Fragione is from Washington, DC. She has a M.F.A in Painting and Mixed Medium from John F. Kennedy University, in Orinda, California, and a B.A. in Fine Art and Mixed Media from Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont. Cianne Fragione is a painter and an assemblage artist, and she conducts herself in both mediums with originality and invention, a high level of facility, and unusual sensitivity to the intrinsic personality of each as a medium. Although we typically regard these two formats as distinct, even dissimilar, one significant aspect of Fragione’s practice has been her effort to find ways of unifying them into an effective, harmonious form, and then learning how to channel the lessons of these experiences throughout her work.

Thom Flynn a visual artist who studied at American University.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer creates artwork that engages the viewer on a visceral, nearly tangible level. The majority of her work focuses on the female form with distorted proportions that challenge conventional ideas of the empowered, modern woman. Her figures’ expressive eyes, angular jawline and limbs, posed with masculine objects, combine to convey the sharp, tough femininity of her characters.

Dan Treado: Robert Ryman’s comment about the nature of painting in the latter half of the twentieth century has always stuck with me: “It’s not a question of what to paint, but rather, how to paint it.” My paintings are process works that borrow subject matter from sources such as film and photography, physics, biology, x-ray and electron microscope images, and most recently, illustrations from anatomy books. The organic forms I tend to employ are fluid but restrained, and part of their function is to articulate the space that surrounds the form; paint is called to substitute for flesh, for air, for dust particles floating in cinematic light.

Daniel Valencia is a professional goldsmith and jeweler with over 30 years of experience designing, precious metalsmithing, and stonesetting. He has an extensive portfolio of original jewelry designs in fine metal and gemstones.

Rachel Farbiarz is a Washington DC-based artist, working in drawing, collage and installation. Her work has been shown in Washington, DC; New York City; and Arlington, Virginia. Rachel also writes biblical commentary and periodically leads workshops and classes centering on creative and spiritual practice.

Prior to making art, Rachel practiced law, focusing on the civil rights of prisoners. In that role, she spent significant time on California’s death row at San Quentin Prison, working to improve conditions there. Rachel graduated from Harvard College, where she studied social and political thought. She has her J.D. from Yale Law School and clerked for the Honorable William A. Fletcher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, CA

So Now What?

Hey fellow shrimps and gumbo ingredients… Just thought we would drop a line to let you know we are right slap in the middle of build a Music Video for one very talented young lady! Thought we would blog a little and share some fun items. Song of course is “Happy” by the genius Pharrell Williams aka Da Hat Guy. Tracks recorded at Cue Recording Studio in Va. with Christopher Rafetto driving the board. Just great music and a giant concept to make this story come to life. So looking forward to finishing it and sharing the final product with y’all. Filmed all over DC and based out of our studio at 52 O Street NW DC. Stay Tuned!!!!!

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